BLINDS - indoor blinds, outdoor blinds,vertical, venetian, timber, roller, panel glide, cafe

Vertical blinds are available with link chains or chainless weights and come in 127mm, 100mm, and 89mm widths.

Roller blinds provide a functional and attractive answer to sun control in all areas of your house or commercial property. Available in a wide range of colours and designs Roller Blinds are one of the most cost effective ways of adding style and elegance to your home.

AWNINGS- metal awnings, canvas awnings , canopy, louvre, ziptrak

Fabric awnings are cost effective and versatile. Choose from "blockout" canvas or "partial shade" fabrics in many styles and configurations. Contact us for suggestions for your application.

Louvre awnings tilt operation allows you to angle the slats to provide light control for any situation.

Uniline steel canopy awnings provide sun protection while still allowing unrestricted airflow and view.

PLANTATION and ROLLER SHUTTERS -  timber, pvc, abs, aluminium

For years shutters have been prized as the finest window furniture, not only do Shutters add style & sophistication to your home, but also add long term value & appreciation to your home. Simple, yet the most effective way to keep out the light whilst keeping the warmth in winter and the heat out in summer.

SECURITY SCREENS - welded, colonial, Prowler Proof, Force Field, stainless steel and others.

Security screens are designed to let you safely open up the house to air and light while you’re at home . They will discourage someone from sneaking quickly and quietly into your house. Choose from the 7mm diamond pattern, double diamond or colonial grills. We are authorised dealers for "Prowler Proof" welded frame security screens and doors, and "Force Field" stainless steel grill security screens.

Keep in mind - while they provide some level of protection, given enough time and the right equipment, they’re still penetrable — some more so than others.